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This artice would be to warn folks about thieves who steal charity donation bags from generous givers, who leave them outside their residences for collection.To give you an notion on the dilemma I have re-printed these letters from my local paper. LETTER One THE other day I was waiting at Meriden bus stop with about eight other men and women and saw the Lifeboat bag for collection at a house opposite the bus stop. A gentleman in the bus cease walked more than picked up the bag and brought it over towards the quit sat around the kerb and went via the bag showing his wife or girlfriend the clothes. She stood there laughing. The bus came and he took it with him. Absolutely everyone was aghast and all of us boarded amazed. The family who donated to this charity in no way knew their kindness didn't reach its location. 


It was a despicable act. A resident --------------------- LETTER TWO ON November six I place two bags of good top quality clothing on my front porch, when a white van drove up as well as a young boy within a sweatshirt, with hood on his head, came to choose up my bag. I asked him if he was in the Lifeboat Charity, he only mentioned 'ha' and ran off with the bags for the white van and they drove off. Now I will not place a charity bag in my front porch anymore. If I've clothes for charity now I will use the quantity on the bag and inform them to ring my bell for collecting. 

Nearby resident -------------------------- LETTER Three I place a bag of clothing out final week as well as a man inside a white van collected it. He showed an ID however it was in his inside pocket, and it is effortless to get a fake one particular. The van has no name on it. He did not even say thanks but hurried away. I wish now I had taken the van registration quantity. He had a young man inside the passenger seat who I wouldn't have thought was needed. 

Name and address supplied -----------------------------  As you'll be able to see by the majority of the letters above these thefts are extremely effectively organised. They even cynically use under-age children,as they know they are too young to be prosecuted. It is a double tragedy due to the fact at the time of writing this short article, the brave volunteers of the RNLI are busy rescuing individuals who have been flooded out of their houses in England`s Cumbrian Lake District. So how can we stop this from happening within the future.A good thought, is outlined in letter number two, who recommended to telephone the quantity on the bag, and ask them to ring the bell for collecting. Nonetheless this will not get back the cash stolen by these callous thieves.So I'm asking that anyone reading this article need to click on the RNLI link under and buy an item inside the RNLI shop or make a tiny donation.


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